1-dimensinal dimer adsorption model

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n= average total number of heads per lattice site
n_1= average number of dimers bound with one head
n_d= average number dimers bound with both heads heads per lattice site


All reaction rates are given in inverse seconds
Dimensionless ratios:

Predefined parameter sets

Three parameter sets showing interesting cases can be retrieved through buttons at the bottom. These include:
  1. Irreversible decoration: No dissociation, binding of the second head on both sides much faster than the binding first one.
  2. Explicit diffusion: K1=0.1, K2=1000, symmetric association of the second head
  3. No explicit diffusion: K1=0.1, K2=1000, association of the second head only to one side

(C) Andrej Vilfan, Aug. 1999